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Dana Ware


NUESTRA LUNA (OUR MOON) is a new collaborative music education, performance and cultural exchange experience that unites two US public schools with professional performers, poets, musicians and filmmakers. Participating students are given the opportunity to write poetry and music, create original visual elements through film and share a multimedia concert performance with professional artists. The two schools participating in early 2020 will be: Escuela Libre de Música de San Juan Ernesto Ramos Antonini (La Libre) in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Institute for Collaborative Education (ICE) in New York City.

For NUESTRA LUNA, our vision is to highlight American issues related to immigration and displacement while also focusing back on JPMP’s inspiration, the power and seduction of the moon. Young people today are well aware of the reactionary and nationalist fears stoked by powerful autocrats in our society as well as our rapidly changing environment impacted by human caused climate change. These realities inhibit the empathy that allows people to process each other’s pain in a constructive way. The connection to NUESTRA LUNA through poetry and the arts is an important part of Puerto Rican culture. NUESTRA LUNA will encourage students to explore the rich culture of Puerto Rican poetry, and to write and compose their own work (poetry, music and film) based on the inspiration of our common moon. NUESTRA LUNA asks students, do we share a common home under the same “LUNA”? 


JPMP Inc. was conceived from the Jazz Passengers, a New York City downtown jazz band formed in 1987 by saxophonist Roy Nathanson and trombonist Curtis Fowlkes. The band emerged out of their Brooklyn roots of the Big Apple Circus band and John Lurie’s The Lounge Lizards onto the NYC avant-garde scene. Their travels through downtown jazz, punk and gender bending mythical theatre, poetry and spoken word, song cycles, radio plays, and film scores paved the legacy for the social justice oriented artistic, theatrical and educational projects of Jazz Passengers Music Projects, Inc. 

In JPMP programs, participating high school students from diverse locations create personal “story/song” texts born from their common experiences. With instruction and guidance from professional writers and composers, students transform their original poetry into musical compositions to be performed in professional concert venues with students from partner schools alongside world-class professional musicians. The experience allows students to use their own poetry and musical creativity to expand song structures and enhance the professional/student collaboration. It also fosters personal growth, confidence and significant cultural exchange.