Subway Moon Bronx Inventory

Dear School Representative,

If you landed on this page it is because we want your help!! We are looking to develop a new after-school program for high school students in the Bronx called the SUBWAY MOON BRONX BAND.

Working with NYS School District 9 and Dreamyard (and potential other partners), the SUBWAY MOON BRONX BAND program would offer a once per week after school workshops that include:

  1. Poetry workshops that use a variety of strategies to teach students how to mold their imaginative language into songs and other kinds of constructions that combine words, music and image;
  2. Small group and short individual instrumental music lessons for small ensembles that include piano, guitar, bass and drums;
  3. Vocal workshops that address poetic language recitation and singing;
  4. Composition workshops that examine ways to set words to music to create mixed musical forms;
  5. Video making workshops that explore how to create, edit and produce moving images to enhance poetry and song in performance.

If you are interested in sending students to participate in this program, please complete the survey below. We would like to learn more about your school, your students and your resources. This program may offer your school the opportunity to be a host location, or it may be that you will just send students to participate. All forms of participation are welcome.

Once we identify the resources that we have, we will create an invitation for students to apply to the program with a short video audition. We are focused on finding students who have a desire to perform, either as musicians, singers, poets or film-makers. But first, we need your help to identify what resources we can collectively contribute to make this program a success. Thank you for your help!